Okay, here is a load of cool stuff which you will want to know whether you are a scout or a parent.

Activities Consent Form

Each scouting year, parents must fill in a consent form for each child involved in our scout group. This form gives your permission for their involvement in scouting activities, and gives us important information to help look after them, including allergies and other medical information. It should also include a range of contacts so that if we need to we can get in touch with a parent or relative straight away.

If you did not receive a form directly from the group, please download the Activities Consent Form here.

Buying uniforms

Tramore is a very scouting town with a great many scouts across three groups in the area. Second hand uniforms are easy to come by, either through friends and neighbours or directly through our group.

You can buy new uniforms direct from The Scout Shop, either online, through one of their outlets, or at a local den when their mobile shop comes to visit. Find out more at

Our own neckerchief, in the black and orange of T-Bay Tigers, is available directly from the group, along with the woggle.

Cubs (65 of 77)
















 Sewing on badges


The following pics were taken from the Scout Shop which you can visit at


  Beaver uniform


Cub Section Cub uniform


Scout SectionScout Uniform


These are all of the basic badges, but there are many others as well. If you are unsure about where to put a badge, just check in with the leaders.

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