Beavers are our youngest section, made up of kids aged 6, 7 and 8.

They might only be in their early years of school, but beavers are bursting with enthusiasm for adventure and we give them a whole variety of outlets for their energy and joy.

Beavers will camp, hike and play games, the same as scouts of all ages. Their activities will be appropriate to their age and developmental stage, so no need for Mammies and Daddies to be worrying! When you apply the scouting principle of encouraging each child to take an extra step and challenge themselves, and add in the trust and belief which we have in those beavers, then you may be surprised what they can achieve.

When they meet

Here in T-Bay scout group, we now have two Beaver colonies, who meet weekly in our den. We don’t meet during school holidays such as mid-term breaks, Easter and Halloween, but we run on into the early summer holidays as it is a shame to miss out on the chance for more outdoor adventures when the weather is good. There are also various activities which take place on weekends, often meeting with other groups from the county to share a hike or a fun day.

To add your child to the waiting list and to let us know how you could help out, please fill in the T-Bay Scout Form.

September 2017

Monday, 6:30 in the den
Tuesday, 6:30 in the den

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